To login to assist and/or register users.

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Once you have logged in you will see only the available functionalities that pertain to your role.

Available functionalities


To assist users with their digital keys and role assignments.

This functionality enables you:

  • take over a user profile
  • adapt contact details
  • manage the login options
  • manage the role assignments

User registration

To manage user profiles or register profiles with the online public services.

This functionality enables you:

  • register a (new) user profile
  • adapt contact details
  • create an activation code


eIDAS registration administrator:

This functionality enables you:

  • Process a pending registration
  • Remove the Belgian identification number from a registration

Activity log

Look up login activities of end users.

With this functionality you can:

  • Retrieve the login activities of a specific end user (max 6 months)
  • Check the digital key, application, location, device and browser per login
  • Export the search results to a csv file